Event Calendar

Date Event Title place Remarks
May 27th Annual meeting
(113th seminar)
Web meeting (Micorosft Teams)  ‐
Aug. 30th 114th seminar Laser Micro Pprocessing Web meeting (Micorosft Teams)  ‐
Oct. 20th 51st technical meeting Safety of laser Web meeting (Micorosft Teams)
Nov. 18th 570th Seminar of the laser Society of Japan Nest generation Fiber Laser Technology Ventur Hall. Nagoya Univ. Organized by The Laser Society of Japan
Co-organized by Nagoya branch of LSJ
Co-organized by Nagoya Laser Technopole and so on
Nov. 25th 115th seminar Advanced Laser welding and AM technology Web meeting (Micorosft Teams)
Jan. 19th 52nd technical meeting Fundamentals of Optics Web meeting (Micorosft Teams)
Feb. 8th Nagoya laser forum Advanced Laser Processing Fukiage hall at Nagoya
Feb. 28th - Mar. 1st LMP Simposium 2023 The state of art, Fundamentals and applications of laser material processing Hybrid meeting
Place: Japan Welding Engineering Society at Tokyo
Web: Zoom Webinars
Organized by LMP committee of JWES
Mar. 9th 53rdt technical meeting Fundamentals of Optics for Laser material process Web meeting (Micorosft Teams)

■ Evest information will be updated as needed.

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